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Tynah MoneyMatiX

Tynah Matembe

Founder & CEO – MoneyMatiX LTD
Money MatiX

Founder & CEO of MoneyMatiX Ltd, dedicated to financial inclusion, equality and empowerment. Named Most Inspirational Scottish Female Fintech Leader 2019, advising ministers and senior leaders on financial social mobility. Also an author and public speaker on Diversity, Equality, inclusion, financial education and the poverty ecosystem. An experienced Mentor, Saltire fellow, Chartered banker & Lawyer by training with extensive corporate experience in financial services & working internationally for the United Nations. Currently championing the MoneyMatiX Grow Your Money Challenge designed to bridge accessibility gaps via an interactive forum of hybrid events and activities that give mainstream organisations an opportunity to engage with marginalised people in a meaningful way.

To secure the future of the next generation, we must equip ourselves and them to really and practically be financially well. This can only be achieved with meaningful and inclusive collaboration across sectors which is where Fintech in Scotland is aiming to be.

Supporting diverse communities to overcome financial exclusion using practical money management programs and support for organisations, adults and young people