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Slava Ivashkin

Slava Ivashkin

Founder and CEO of Velmie

Slava Ivashkin is the Founder and CEO of Velmie. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Slava has played a key role in building Velmie into a global provider of Fintech software. As CEO of Velmie, Slava Ivashkin is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction. He is a hands-on leader who is deeply involved in all aspects of the company’s business, from sales, marketing, and partnership to product development and customer support. Slava is a strong believer in the power of technology to transform the financial industry and create new opportunities for businesses and consumers.

“Creating an enabling environment and partnerships is one of the key issues in developing the Fintech industry. At Velmie, we are excited to join the Fintech Tables community in Scotland and looking forward to many new conversations and opportunities.”

Velmie is a tech company providing tools and solutions for Fintech businesses. The mission of Velmie is to deliver a competitive advantage with cutting-edge technology crafted for specific businesses and markets. With Velmie’s white-label platform and partner ecosystem, the company delivers end-to-end solutions for banks, fintechs and payment companies. We build highly-scalable, secure and compliant financial products that offer a wide variety of services, including mobile banking, e-wallets, remittance platforms, payroll solutions and more. We offer localized mobile banking products to banks in both – established and emerging markets, such as US, EU, MENA and LATAM.