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Scott Moncur. Financial Service Lawyer

Scott Moncur

Senior Legal Director, Head of Financial Services and Sustainability

I am a commercially focused lawyer who has worked with a full range of businesses across many industries, from startups through to FTSE 100 companies, as both in-house counsel and as consultant lawyer. I have run my own business and continue to be actively involved in non-executive directorship work.

I am about using the law for business success, good governance, good decisions, and customer satisfaction leading to sustainable growth. My core business focus is digital and other disruptive businesses, mainly in the financial services sector. My experience includes regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, legal risk, contract and commercial law, funding, supplier management (outsourcing, insourcing), financial services, pension services, investment, and other platforms, fintech, and all the other techs, community, and society.

I like to cut to the core of any issue, providing information, advice, and effective legal service solutions to product and service providers in various highly regulated environments. And to do so in a straight forward, risk-focused, and timely manner.

Vialex is delighted to be involved in the FinTech Voices community. Legal services play a pivotal role in shaping the UK fintech sector. While Fintechs catalyse growth and innovation within the operational framework set by the regulators to underpin and foster trust, the impact of lawyers is foundational, safeguarding integrity and facilitating Fintech engagement with mainstream product providers. A lawyers skillset helps Fintechs navigate the regulatory and commercial framework, creating an enabling industry environment in which Fintechs can thrive.

Founded in 2010 Vialex is an innovative corporate and commercial legal services business, supporting businesses and companies at each stage of their development, across their day-to-day requirements and transactional activities.  

Our highly regarded Legal Counsel Service combines the readily accessible and commercially focused advice of an in-house legal team with the greater breadth of expertise of a leading law firm, to deliver commercial contract, intellectual property, and general regulatory and compliance advice to clients.  Our Transaction Services team offers the complete range of corporate and commercial transactions, including real estate, advising companies and investors throughout the UK, and working for both existing Legal Counsel Service clients, and for other individual clients on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

Vialex understands the intersection between law and technology.  We guide clients through the intricate regulatory landscape for fintech innovations, prioritising governance, and compliance within a robust risk framework, without compromising creativity.  We are ideally placed to meet the distinctive requirements of fintech businesses through our Legal Counsel Service.