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Robin Peters

Robin Peters

CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and co-founder Robin Peters previously worked for insurance company Aviva, where he played a key role in establishing Aviva’s digital business in Shoreditch, focusing on simplifying the complex process of buying insurance. “With Snugg, I aim to apply the same principles of simplicity and affordability to the realm of home energy efficiency” says Peters. It was through his experience in insurance, watching his two daughters grow up with climate change causing them a great deal of anxiety, and his passion for addressing climate change that his goal to create an easy-to-use platform that empowers homeowners to reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint was born. “The idea for Snugg was born out of this vision to streamline the process of researching and implementing energy-efficient home improvements, ultimately making sustainable living more accessible to everyone.” Robin Peters CEO and co-founder of Snugg

At Snugg, we believe that making your home energy efficient should be simple and affordable. But too many people find the process of researching and improving their home’s efficiency to be complicated and expensive. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating an easy-to-use online platform that does the hard work for you. Our mission is to help accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions by making energy-efficient homes simple and affordable for everyone. With just your postcode, we’ll recommend a personalised home improvement plan that estimates the up-front cost of an installation, the reduction in energy bills and carbon emissions, as well as the potential increase in property value. We also show grant and financing options you may qualify for. And we connect you with approved local installers to get quotes and a home assessment if necessary. Snugg is a well-funded and fast-growing startup based in Scotland’s data science and innovation capital, Edinburgh.