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Mickael Paris

Mickael Paris

Marketing Director
FinTech Scotland

Mickael Paris is Marketing Director at FinTech Scotland. He was part of the team that launched the company in January 2018. Mickael has over 15 years experience working for both start-ups and FTSE100 companies including Maxymiser, Skyscanner and Standard Life. He joined At FinTech Scotland Mickael focuses on developing the profile of the SME community and the Scottish fintech cluster locally and globally. He’s also responsible for creating bridges with international fintech hubs, encouraging inward investment as well as helping Scottish firms export. In 2015 he was featured in the BIMA100 list of marketing influencers as well as the Marketing Magazine NextGen Power 100.

We’re delighted to support the launch of Fintech Tables. Having recently published the UK Fintech Research and Innovation Roadmap, we believe those events will enable the fintech cluster to meet and discuss many of the findings and actions detailed in the document. We’re looking forward to many interesting conversations with those individuals and companies that make Scotland one of the leading fintech nations

FinTech Scotland’s purpose is to make a better world for all through financial innovation, collaboration and inclusion. We exist to create an integrated FinTech ecosystem through strategic coordination, the provision of funding, support, infrastructure and talent, and respond to the needs of all stakeholders within the Scottish Fintech cluster. We believe that making Scotland a fintech capital will lead to business creation and growth, a stronger economy and more jobs. In addition, our aim is to strengthen the societal benefits from fintech developments, believing in the opportunity for retail consumers to benefit. The organisation recently published the FinTech Scotland Research & Innovation Roadmap 2022-33 which will provide strategic direction for the development and growth of the Fintech sector in Scotland for the next 10 years, with the aim of driving a threefold increase in economic growth and job creation.