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Mark Stamford

Mark Stamford

Founder and CEO

Mark started in security at age 11, eventually turning it into a career where he now has over 20 years of professional experience in cybersecurity, operations, control assessment, and related fields. He started Occamsec in 2010 to help organizations find, address, and minimize exposure to cybersecurity threats. Prior to founding Occamsec, he worked as director of threat and vulnerability management at UBS, and at KPMG, conducting penetration test and identifying global threats for Fortune 100 clients.

FinTech in Scotland continues to be a dynamic and innovative force with exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth

OccamSec is an agile cyber security consulting organisation with a global client base across many sectors. We take a creative, business focused approach to projects and are trusted advisors to someof the biggest brands in the world. Our automated pen testing platform, Incenter, is a game changer for the market.

OccamSec is a leading provider in the world of cybersecurity. Our clients rely on us to provide information security services that exceed current industry standards. We provide accurate, actionable information to reduce risk and enable better informed decisions. Our unique end-to-end solutions detect, identify, respond, and protect in order to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. OccamSec’s methodology is the result of years of experience in the field, providing real business outcomes. Our team has performed security assessments at some of the world’s largest companies, including financial services and technology. We bring this experience to each and every project, ensuring that our clients get the best service in the industry.