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Lucy-Rose Walker

Lucy-Rose Walker

Director Of Operations
Bitcoin Collective

Lucy-Rose mixes psychology and startup as an executive coach focused on leadership, operations and team development. She co-created Entrepreneurial Spark, scaling the operation throughout the UK to 13 locations supporting over 6000 entrepreneurs. She now utilises her operations and startup experience to bring the Bitcoin message to the UK through events and meetups.

FinTech in Scotland is a flourishing ecosystem which we are delighted to be part of to learn and grow from and contribute to.

We believe that Bitcoin has the potential to create a fundamental paradigm shift for the better, but for this to happen, it needs people’s energy. More people need to understand what Bitcoin is and what makes it so significant. Over the next five years we plan to deliver inspirational Bitcoin Conferences throughout the UK. We will support local Bitcoin groups in towns and cities across the land, and are here to educate and inform anyone who wants to learn about the incredible opportunities and improvements to our society that Bitcoin can provide. No matter who you are, how much you know about Bitcoin, or where you stand on it, we want to talk to you and answer your questions.