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FinTech Tables

Laura Walker

Head of Content and Community Development
FinTech Tables

As Head of Content and Community at FinTech Tables, I lead our strategic approach to content and community engagement within the FinTech sector. My role encompasses crafting and executing a content strategy that aligns with the latest in FinTech trends, innovations, and challenges, leveraging my extensive background in finance, events, and project management. 

In addition to content creation, my focus is on cultivating a vibrant community of FinTech enthusiasts, thought leaders, and practitioners. Through initiatives such as online forums, networking events, and dynamic panel discussions, I facilitate meaningful interactions and the exchange of knowledge among our diverse participants.

My passion for leading in the FinTech space is driven by a commitment to connecting people and fostering dialogues on innovation. With a strategic and detailed approach, I am dedicated to positioning FinTech Tables as the premier destination for those seeking cutting-edge insights and meaningful connections within the FinTech industry.

In the fast-evolving world of FinTech, we’re seeing a revolution that’s reshaping finance’s future. This change goes beyond just digitalising financial services; it’s about making the global financial system more accessible and inclusive. The impact of FinTech is profound, providing widespread access to financial services and enabling individuals and businesses to bypass traditional banking barriers. The growing FinTech community, including startups, tech giants, financial institutions, and regulators, creates a collaborative ecosystem for innovation and development of new consumer solutions. This collaboration is driving both technological progress and the creation of regulatory frameworks that ensure the FinTech space grows safely and sustainably.

FinTech-Tables is a multi channel engagement agency created to support the FinTech and financial services eco-system, enabling growth through events, media and marketing.

We raise the profile of what’s happening in the sector, support businesses on their growth journey and provide environments where people can do business and create new partnerships.

Whether you are starting something new or have ambitions to grow, work with our team of experts across events & marketing, focusing on insights, strategy, planning and execution to deliver big impact and fuel business growth.