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Jo Wands

Joanna Wands

Head of UK and Europe at AsiaVerify

Joanna Wands Head of UK and Europe Jo has over 15 years of experience in RegTech, working with companies across EMEA and APAC to develop and implement solutions that manage compliance risks and improve business processes. She is passionate about financial crime prevention and focuses on helping businesses better understand who they are working with in Asian markets.

AsiaVerify present an opportunity for the FinTech community to work with Asia by removing the language and data barriers, safe in the knowledge that they can meet their compliance obligations for KYC/KYB/UBO identification, verification, and monitoring.

Established in 2019, AsiaVerify helps companies to work with Asia by providing access to business, customer and shareholder data, sourced from the most authoritative government registry sources, fully translated in real-time. Conducting compliance checks in Asia can be an expensive, time-consuming, and complicated task, often resulting in incomplete, outdated or inaccurate information, in a language your business cannot use. AsiaVerify’s automated and intuitive platform simplifies this resource-intensive process, transforming how our customers manage their KYC/KYB and UBO identification process to make better-informed business decisions.