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Gordon McHarg

Gordon McHarg

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon co-founded AutoRek in 1994 and has served as CEO since 1998. Gordon has guided the company from its early days as a bespoke software development services provider through to its current position as a leading provider of enterprise financial controls and reconciliation solutions to the global financial service sector.
His client experience is extensive and includes international work for IBM in the US, Renaissance Capital in Russia and several global clients including Barclays, JP Morgan and BUPA. He studied Computing Science at West of Scotland University, graduating in 1989.

AutoRek is an industry-leading software provider to companies in the global financial services sector. Specialising in financial data management, our configurable, rules-driven platform allows firms to automate and streamline the collection and reconciliation of data. Headquartered in Glasgow, with offices in Edinburgh and London, AutoRek counts over 140 employees.