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Douglas Kinloch

Douglas Kinloch


I build teams, mentoring and supporting new and scaling businesses, I regularly am the first person in a Commercial discipline and have consistently and successfully taken new propositions to market, in Europe, North America and Asia. An early protagonist in developing and marketing the foundational solutions to make the new Financial Order of Open Banking Actually work; truly Secure Apps, Strong Authentication of Users & TPPs and universal Mobile Payment solutions of Issues and Acquirers alike.

PACE is committed to delivering leading technologies to secure Fintech applications, regardless of platform. Ensuring the integrity of consumer and company data all while protecting Fintech’s own critical IP. Supporting Scottish Fintechs large and small to grow and flourish, securely.

PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., is an industry leader in the development of robust software IP security products, and flexible licensing management solutions. Since 1985, PACE has provided software developers with easy to use, high quality solutions for anti-piracy protection and secure software distribution. In response to market demands for stronger security products, PACE has expanded its product line to offer Application software protection tools; white-box and anti-tamper. protecting DigitalID, DRM and Fintech Applications. PACE’s products and services are trusted by thousands of software publishers around the world with millions of end users. PACE AP is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California with subsidiary offices in Scotland and England.