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Dan Graf

Co-founder and CEO

Dan Graf is a co-founder and CEO of Earthchain, with a background in fintech based in Leeds, UK.

At Earthchain, we believe in the power of data and technology to help drive decarbonisation. But we still have a long way to go. Most businesses have still not measured their emissions and set targets. Lenders, investors and customers need these disclosures to comply with their reporting obligations under TCFD, CSRD and SECR. Financial institutions working with Earthchain can make a huge difference. Our platform is the easiest way for companies to put measuring, reporting and reducing their carbon emissions on autopilot. It’s a partnership thing, which is good for business and good for the planet.

Earthchain is a platform which automates business carbon accounting, using API integrations and AI to create robust, auditable, transparent carbon reports and disclosures compliant with regulatory standards. Financial institutions use Earthchain to help their business banking customers measure and report their carbon footprints, fulfilling the requirement for disclosing financed and facilitated emissions. The platform can be white-labelled or co-branded to add a vital ESG resource to any business banking product.