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Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner

Technical Account Manager
Smart DCS

As a Technical Account Manager at SmartDCS, Chris navigates the intersection of cybersecurity, cloud operations, and software development. With a background in business and education, Chris now focuses on business development and internal security compliance. His excellent analytical and communication skills enable him to work with colleagues and clients, delivering high-value, secure, and bespoke solutions to real-world problems. Chris is dedicated to driving innovation and growth within SmartDCS.

FinTech in Scotland demonstrates innovation, data-driven decisions and collaboration throughout the ecosystem to make things better, more secure, more reliable, cheaper, faster, fairer, greener and a better experience for the customer.

SmartDCS-IT offers IT consultancy for complex and high value digital transformations. With a background in high security government and defence work, we have worked with our clients to provide expertise in prototyping, quality assurance, testing, security architecture and DevOps consultancy.