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Chris Hardman

Chris Hardman

Co-Founder And CEO Of PropEco

Chris Hardman is co-founder and CEO of PropEco. He spent the first 10 years of his career in sustainable finance, most recently as manager of the HermesGPE Environmental Innovation Fund in London. He has worked with several technology start-ups in the climate and property sectors, and founded PropEco in 2020. He is a trained software engineer and holds degrees in environmental economics and climate science from LSE and the University of Cambridge.

Scotland is a great place to be building our company – we look forward to contributing to the continuing development of the sector in the coming years.

PropEco ( provides a data-driven platform that enables organisations and their customers to assess and improve the energy efficiency, climate resilience and liveability of property. This integrates hundreds of sources of data, proprietary models and cutting-edge technologies to power several products and services including portfolio analytics tools, an interactive dashboard for property professionals and an API. Focusing on a B2B model, the platform helps organisations streamline their reporting, gain new insights, decarbonise & de-risk their residential property exposure, enhance customer engagement and generate new business.