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Andrew Smith

Co Founder
Greenbackers Investment Capital

Andrew co founded Greenbackers Investment Capital , and founded the Deja Blue consultancy and before that ran the £103m Renewable Energy Investment Fund by Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) and was Head of Investment for DP Energy.

At SIB Andrew invested into the marine energy sector, including ground-breaking, and still world leading, investments into the wave and tidal businesses and projects. Andrew is intimately involved, on a daily basis, with the marine energy sector, including engagements with offshore wind, aquaculture and oil and gas as they seek to find ways of decarbonising and electrifying. The use cases of and for marine energy are part of Andrews daily work.

Greenbackers delivered the largest technology showcase at COP26 and are currently delivering their 2024 Program taking clean, climate technologies to investment hotspots around the world. Andrew is a current board member of the UK Marine Energy Council a registered Expert with the European Commission, a member of the FTech2Zero working Group, a member of the expert panel advising the EU on its new Innovation Fund, a member of the United Nations’ Sustainable Blue Finance Initiative of the World Ocean Council, an assessor for the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 Solutions program and a Global Scot.

At Greenbackers we are trying to save the planet … one deal at a time.

Greenbackers is catalysing the venture investment needed to build a more sustainable society. By connecting disruptive technology founders to our network of climate focused funds, we’re backing the planet…one deal at a time