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Ana Gallacher

Ana Gallacher

Founder & CEO at BabyReady Finance

Ana Gallacher is the founder of BabyReady Finance, a financial planning and savings platform for Millennials and Gen Z in the UK.
Ana worked on digital transformation at Aegon UK, a leading financial services provider in the UK. During her time there, she identified a gap in the market between the needs of young parents struggling to manage their finances and the industry’s ability to offer tailored support. This experience led her to establish BabyReady Finance, a financial planning and savings platform that uses AI and open banking to help new parents plan their finances and save for their children. The platform provides tailored financial planning, cashback, and savings and learns from its users’ data to improve its accuracy over time. With her economics and project management background, Ana leverages her expertise to lead the company and provide value to its customers.

Irina Del Villar is the CMO of BabyReady and has a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, and professional communication. She has a BA in International Relations and an MSc in International Project Management. Irina is a serial entrepreneur and founded her marketing agency in Glasgow in 2018, where she helped B2B and B2C brands increase brand awareness and scale their businesses. As an expert in Google, Facebook ads and community management, Irina focuses on the go-to-market strategy for BabyReady helping parents to break bad financial habits and create better opportunities for future generations.

What if ALL parents could sort their finances and save £30,000 pounds for their child by the time when they turned 18? We aim to empower parents to achieve this by investing £3 daily.

BabyReady is a financial platform designed to make prenatal and childcare costs transparent, help parents to financially prepare for having a baby. We educate parents about benefits and financial support available for them by providing budgeting tools, creating a money timeline, and also information about governmental support. BabyReady helps parents to open a savings or investment account, boost their deposit with government bonuses and build tax-efficient savings for education and housing.