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Amelie Arras

Amelie Arras

Marketing Director

Amelie is a prominent marketing and communications leader in the fintech sector. She’s a very well-known figure in the industry, having widely promoted the benefits of blockchain and the work of women in the space. At Zumo, she’s responsible for identifying and harnessing the latest industry trends and ensuring that the company’s proposition fits with customers’ needs. She is part of Zumo’s net zero committee, and is championing the communication of the decarbonising crypto initiatives.

“Scotland has truly established itself as a hub for FinTech innovation, providing fertile ground for disruptive financial technologies to thrive. At Zumo, we are thrilled to be part of this dynamic ecosystem, leading the charge in the digital asset space. Our commitment to driving sustainable FinTech innovation extends beyond Scotland’s borders, as we empower financial institutions and brands to effortlessly embed digital assets and unlock the vast benefits of web3. We are excited to continue shaping the future of FinTech and ushering in a new era of financial inclusion and opportunity.”

Zumo believes everyone should have access to sustainable finance, and that blockchain has the power to deliver this globally. Its mission is to provide a better planet for digital assets, delivering sustainable, accessible and secure ways to unlock the benefits of web3. As an enterprise-focused digital-asset-as-a-service platform, Zumo’s turnkey, API-based infrastructure offers a fast, flexible and compliance-sensitive route to market, empowering fintechs, banks, asset managers and brands to offer their clients the tools of the future simply, securely and sustainably while also opening up new revenue streams, attracting new customers and supporting customer retention. A values-driven business, Zumo has underlined its commitment to a fairer society and a sustainable planet with an ambitious 2030 net zero strategy encompassing its own business; the blockchains it works with; and the wider digital asset ecosystem. Carbon-neutral since inception, the business is committed to ongoing collaboration in the decarbonisation of the digital assets industry.

Zumo was an early signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord, the first digital asset business to receive UK government funding from the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK, to further its applied work on the decarbonisation of digital assets, and is now a key contributor to industry guidance on the energy consumption of blockchain, working in tandem with the World Economic Forum and the OECD. Zumo’s infrastructure also powers the direct-to-consumer Zumo App, launched in the UK and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).