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Showcasing innovation from across the UK with the sixth fintech festival

Mickael Paris

Scotland is set to host the 6th edition of its Fintech Festival, which celebrates remarkable achievements in fintech innovation. From September 21st to October 12th 2023, the festival will bring together fintech leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from the UK, and beyond.

The Scotland Fintech Festival has firmly established itself as a leading platform for showcasing the UK’s leadership in the global fintech landscape. The festival has become an annual highlight for the movement, attracting over 2,500 attendees each year.

The festival will commence with the Fintech Summit which will set the tone for the festival, bringing together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the fintech sphere such as the impact of AI, CBDCs, Quantum and much more.

As the festival draws to a close, the Scottish Fintech Awards will recognise the outstanding achievements and contributions made by individuals and organisations in the Scottish fintech cluster This event promises to be a fitting conclusion, recognising the exceptional talent and innovation that drives Scotland’s fintech success.

Throughout the festival, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in over 50 events that explore various aspects of fintech. These events, hosted by leading fintech organisations and experts from across the UK will address the key themes highlighted in the Fintech Research & Innovation Roadmap published by Fintech Scotland in 2022. The Roadmap highlighted Open Finance, Financial Regulation, Climate Finance and Payment as key priorities for the UK fintech sector. The festival aims to drive forward Scotland’s fintech agenda and support its continued growth and innovation.

To keep up with the festival’s program, attendees are encouraged to visit the official festival website at The website will be regularly updated with the latest event details, ensuring participants have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Commenting on the upcoming festival, Nicola Anderson, CEO at FinTech Scotland said, “The Scotland Fintech Festival is a testament to Scotland’s position as a global leader in fintech. We are thrilled to showcase the remarkable achievements, innovation, and collaborative spirit of Scotland’s fintech ecosystem. This year’s festival promises to be an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and exploring the cutting-edge trends shaping the industry. We look forward to welcoming participants from Scotland, the UK, and around the world.”

About FinTech Scotland


FinTech Scotland is an independent not-for-profit cluster body jointly established with the financial services sector, universities, and Scottish Enterprise to ensure that Scotland seizes the FinTech opportunities and achieves positive economic and social outcomes by encouraging financial innovation, collaboration and inclusion as part of the broader digital economy objectives.

The organisation acts as a strategic enabler and cluster management body focused on leveraging the potential economic (i.e. productivity, innovation, business creation, employment) and social (i.e. financial inclusion, well-being and accessibility) benefits arising from becoming a leading global centre focused on Fintech innovation.

FinTech Scotland’s objectives are to develop an innovative community of FinTech firms, generate impactful collaborations between firms of all sizes and foster an inclusive cluster which is UK and globally recognised and connected.

FinTech Scotland was founded in January 2018 as a joint initiative by University of Edinburgh, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC and Scottish Enterprise. The organisation is now supported by a broad range of global financial services, technology and professional services firms as well as major universities, the Financial Conduct Authority and Scottish Enterprise.

In August 2022, FinTech Scotland was formally recognised for the development of the Fintech cluster and accredited with the silver label for Cluster Management Excellence by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

In 2019, FinTech Scotland was one the founding bodies along with FinTech North and Innovate Finance of the UK FinTech National Network which drives collaborative fintech innovation and development across all UK regions.
You can read more about the FinTech Scotland Cluster in our recently published “Building a Global Fintech Cluster”

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Mickael Paris

Mickael Paris is Marketing Director at FinTech Scotland. He was part of the team that launched the company in January 2018. Mickael has over 15 years experience working for both start-ups and FTSE100 companies including Maxymiser, Skyscanner and Standard Life. He joined At FinTech Scotland Mickael focuses on developing the profile of the SME community and the Scottish fintech cluster locally and globally. He’s also responsible for creating bridges with international fintech hubs, encouraging inward investment as well as helping Scottish firms export. In 2015 he was featured in the BIMA100 list of marketing influencers as well as the Marketing Magazine NextGen Power 100.