Introducing The Regtech Forum at Strathclyde

Written By: Devraj Basu   –  2 min read

Regtech explores ways to simplify compliance and enable business optimisation by using technology and data analytics to enable faster and more cost-effective regulatory compliance. It also enables the development of secure and compliant data-driven RegTech products and services leading to business growth.

The Regtech Forum at Strathclyde is an international community of interest involving practitioners, academics and regulators established to share experiences, to consider challenges and to explore developments in financial regulation and compliance. The forum is hosted by the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation at The University of Strathclyde and typically meets as a group on the final Friday of each month.

A key goal of the Forum is to enable a demand led innovation lab to drive responsible innovation and unleash the power of cross sector learning to drive the effective
application of RegTech solutions in financial services and other regulated markets. The Forum and the related Regtech Alliance have held a number of events and have released a publication on the role of data utilities in financial crime and financial inclusion.

Financial Regtech providers could be broadly divided into technology horizontal providers and providers focused on key financial services applications. In addition Regtechs also operate in other sectors. The table below lists these broad areas together with examples of Regtechs linked with the Regtech Forum.


Technology Horizontals

▪ Data Flow: Obashi
▪ Security by Design: Quorum Cyber, Verimatrix
▪ Privacy by Design: Trace, Regulaition
▪ Identity by Design: Amiqus
▪ Data Integrity: Hoptroff

Core Financial Services Applications

▪ KYC/Identity Management: Encompass
▪ Digital Regulatory Reporting: Autorek, Corlytics
▪ Financial Crime/AML:, FinCrime Dynamics
▪ ESG: Grant Thornton, CienDos
▪ CBDC/Crypto Zumo

Other Verticals

▪ Space: Trade in Space
▪ Datacenters/Deep Learning: Gensyn
▪ Design of information management systems relates to Digital  Twins and the Gemini Principles Digital Twins ESG

The links below are to videos of presentations in the Regtech Forum on a number of the key areas outlined above:

Presentation by Gerald Murphy on Future Trends in Regtech:

Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity:

Presentation on Privacy and Federated Learning:

Presentation on Recent Trends in Regtech by Grant Thornton:

Presentation on Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Regulation:

Central Bank Digital Currency

Innovate for Good: Enabling Financial inclusion Slides only:

The Role of Data Flow in Regtech:

Published on 14 MARCH 2023