FinTech Voices Podcast: Gambling Addiction in Financial Services, with EPIC risk management.

Written by Ian Davey  –  2 min read

Episode Summary

In our latest episode of the FinTech-Voices podcast we were joined by Paul Buck, CEO of EPIC Risk Management and his colleague Alan Smart, who works alongside Paul as a Harm Reduction Manager.

The Financial services industry carries risk by nature, there can be lots of money moving about within the industry, moving to and from different places and a lot of it is now done digitally.

We know this carries risks for consumers, but what we don’t often consider is the risk posed within the industry, which is knowingly and unknowingly carried by the people handling the transactions and the data.

Due to the nature of the industry and the associated risk profiling, people who work in financial services are at the biggest risk of forming gambling addictions.

In this episode we considered why this was the case and solutions and support that can be offered to the industry.

This was a truly fascinating episode with Paul and Alan sharing insights based on their own personal experience of working in the financial services industry and their own stories, having both previously had a pathological gambling addiction.

We discussed some sensitive issues including gambling and suicide, and some content could be upsetting or uncomfortable for listeners.

Key areas of discussion included:

-Alan and Paul’s own personal stories
-Gambling & Addiction
-Why financial services
-Gambling, technology & trends
-Tackling the issue

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Published on 03 OCTOBER 2023