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BDM is a marketing & communications agency focused on enabling companies to start up, scale and succeed. BDM works as an extension of a company’s team and use marketing & communications expertise to take their business to the next level. When companies partner with us we create a multi-channel strategy to reach their target audience, raise awareness of your brand and win new customers. Our work has covered a wide range of sectors including Fintech, Proptech, Property, Recruitment, Data Science, Life Sciences, Food & Drink, Retail, Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism.

IAN Davey, Director, BDM Marketing & Communications, said:





Fintech in Scotland is already having a huge impact on the way that individuals and businesses interact with money and financial services. It has the power to change lives and have a positive impact on both people and the planet.
Fintech-Tables is committed to supporting the growth of FinTech Scotland. We will do this by creating a community where people can come together to tackle industry issues in an environment that encourages new innovations and partnerships to emerge.”

Ian Davey

Director, BDM Marketing & Communications




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