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The $1.8 Trillion Opportunity for Global Economic Growth: Earth Intelligence, FromSpace

Cross-sector, international collaboration is something that is critical for a functioning andprosperous global economy. For this to work effectively you need secure, reliable and robustinfrastructure to communicate, provide insight and unlock new opportunities.Space is no longer a domain solely occupied by wealthy governments, with Earth’s orbitsincreasingly becoming home for innovative solutions to various challenges, designed,manufactured, […]

The Future of Finance: Collaborative Innovation at the Crossroads of Technology and Tradition


Envision a dynamic financial ecosystem where legacy institutions and revolutionary technology converge, propelling innovation through unparalleled collaboration. The FinTech revolution is not just reshaping our financial management, investments, and transactions; it underscores the critical role of collaboration. In an era where joining forces is imperative, we delve into the power of strategic partnerships, community engagement, […]

Guide to Cybersecurity Best Practices for Financial Services and FinTech

The financial services and FinTech sectors are uniquely positioned at the intersection of rapid technological innovation and stringent regulatory requirements. This positioning exposes them to a distinct set of cybersecurity challenges, including but not limited to heightened risks of cyber-attacks aiming at financial theft, data breaches involving sensitive customer information, and the daunting task of […]

Building a Culture of Security Awareness

financial services security trust

Technology plays a pivotal role in building a culture of security awareness within an organisation. It serves as both a tool and a platform, facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and the implementation of security measures. Advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning can be leveraged to identify potential security threats and automate responses, thus […]

Navigating the Trust Terrain: Building Customer Trust in Financial Services and FinTech

In the rapidly evolving spheres of financial services and FinTech, the bedrock of customer relationships remains unchanged: trust. This concept, both ancient and urgently contemporary, is more pivotal today than perhaps at any time in history. Amidst a landscape marked by technological breakthroughs and regulatory shifts, the ability to foster and maintain trust distinguishes leaders […]

Will AI be the inflection point for innovation in Insurance

AI the inflection point for innovation in Insurance

Here is an anecdote, most parents would relate to: A colleague of mine said her 3-year old is quite easy to manage, as the boy can spend hours talking to Alexa, while mom finishes her chores or works from home. My colleague also noticed that the little one has developed a close bond with Alexa […]

Revolutionising Customer Relationships: The Role of CRM Marketing for Fintech Companies

Revolutionising Customer Relationships

In the ever-evolving landscape of fintech, with increasing customer expectations and demands, customer relationship management (CRM) marketing has emerged as a vital tool for companies to thrive and build long lasting relationships with their users.Fintech companies are harnessing the power of CRM platforms to better understand their customers. deliver personalised experiences. and create meaningful relationships. […]

Building a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Vital Link between Innovation, Collaboration, and the Climate Crisis

Building a Sustainable-Future

The urgency to address the climate crisis has never been greater. With rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and dwindling resources, the need for innovative solutions and cross-sector collaboration is paramount. In this article, we will delve into the vital link between innovation, collaboration, and the climate crisis, focusing on key sectors such as financial services, […]

The future of climate finance: How fintech can play a role in reaching a net-zero economy

As the global community strives to combat climate change, the role of finance becomes increasingly crucial. Climate finance, which involves funding projects and initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability, is vital for achieving a net-zero economy. In recent years, the intersection of fintech and climate finance has emerged as a powerful […]

Women in FinTech: A chat with Ana Gallagher, Founder & CEO, Baby Ready Finance

women in FinTech

Tell us about your business and your current role – what attracted you to the industry, what problem you are trying to solve and the role technology can play in this Growing up, I never received any formal education on how to manage my finances. Even when I studied economics, it didn’t provide any practical knowledge […]